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Nations Team Registration

In order to play in a Nations Baseball Tournament, your team must first be registered with Nations.

Insurance is mandatory for all Nations Teams. If you do not wish to purchase an insurance policy through Nations, in order to comply with the requirements for playing Nations Baseball, you will need to add Nations to your current policy.

In order to add Nations to your current policy your certificate needs to name: Nations Baseball Tournament Association, 10801 Hammerly Blvd., Suite 210, Houston, TX 77043, as an additional insured. You will need to upload the certificate when you register your team with Nations.

To Register Your Team With Nations Baseball Follow These Simple Steps:

  • Once you have personally registered and have received your log in information, you can then register your team.
  • Click the “Add New Team” link.
  • Fill out the Team Registration Form


Once on the Team Registration page you will have different registration options:

Insurance Option



$150.00 – Calendar Year Membership – 2015 (Best Value!)
Includes team registration and team insurance effective: 08/01/2014 through Jul 31, 2015


$130.00 – Seasonal Membership – Spring 2015
Includes team registration and team insurance effective: 01/01/2015 through 07/31/2015


$50.00 – Junior Membership – Spring 2015
Includes Nations team registration only, does not include team insurance. You must upload valid insurance before you are eligible to enter events. Registration effective: 01/01/2015 through 07/31/2015.

Please make sure that if you do not wish to purchase a custom team website for $20.00, you remove the check from the box. If you do not your credit card will be charged an extra $20.00 for a custom team website.


Returning Nations Team? Renew your team registration

  • Login into your team management account at
  • From the TEAMS menu choose TEAM ADMIN
  • The Team Admin Page will display a link on the right side to renew team.
  • Choose your registration option and your team is renewed.


Once you have completed your team registration, add your team’s roster by going to the “Player Admin” page.

  • To enter your roster online, you will need to click here and log into the Nations site.
  • Once you log in, mouse over the “Teams” link on the upper section of the site and then select the Player Admin option.
  • You will need to pick your team from the drop down box.
  • Once you’ve done that, you should be able to see on the right hand side a place to enter the first name, middle name, last name, and the player’s date of birth.



"Text Messaging"

 "Text Messaging" is now available for all Nations Baseball Events!!!  

Who can get text messages: Coaches, Parents, Friends, Family & other teams not in the event. Text Message Upates include: Game Scores, Pitching Results, Weather updates if necessary and other information from the field. Where do I go to sign up for text messaging? Go to the tournament page your playing in or interested in following. Click on  "Add Text" in the age group and classifcation colum. It's that simple. Make sure you're logged in when signing up for Text Messaging.  

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